Fighting weight loss

November 6th, 2013

Can it Really Work?


The fight against weight loss has a new adversary in town, Qsymia.


Does it really work? What are the side effects? How much do I have to take? Where can I get Qsymia? Is it Legal?

Focus T25 Gamma Explained

September 30th, 2013

The Focus T25 Workout program is developed by Shaun T, the popular fitness guru behind the very successful Insanity workout program. Insanity is a 60 day intense program that is supposed to be done everyday for one hour. Clearly, not everyone has one hour to spend each day for 60 days. There are people out there that want an intense program like Insanity but do not have the time to spend, especially those with kids or those who travel for work or have a busy work schedule they don’t control. That is where Focus T25 series comes in, including the Focus T25 Gamma Workout, which is the more intense version in the T25 package. As a recent New York Times article points out, people are drawn to shorter workouts that get results.

Focus T25 Gamma is a 4 week program. Ideally, it is meant to be done after you have successfully completed the Alpha and Beta phases of the program, which is a 10 week program, 5 days a week, 25 minutes a day (hence the T25 name). The Gamma package includes 4 workout DVDs, focused on these exercises - Rip’t Up, Extreme Circuit,The Pyramid and Speed 3.0 Workout. There is also a calendar that comes with the package – called the Focus T25 Gamma Hybrid Calendar. It combines elements from the first two phases, mixed up with the third phase to form a very intense workout regimen that is going to help you carve a leaner, stronger muscle fast.

Obamacare Facts Explained

September 30th, 2013

This article is about providing Obamacare facts that have been lost in the political debate. On October 1, 2013, the affordable care act (ACA), also known as Obamacare will begin a very important chapter. About 40 million Americans who are uninsured can now sign up at their State’s health care exchange. Since the law was passed in 2010, it has been a source of debate about what impact the ACA will have on the broader economy as a whole and the healthcare industry in particular. That wait is over. Sign up begins the first day of October and runs for six months, ending in March. It’s a kind of open enrollment period where people can go on the healthcare exchange and view the different plans available in their state and choose a level of plan that fits their budget. Those who qualify for federal assistance will also find out their eligibility by providing personal and income information, which will be used to determine if they qualify for government subsidies. This website provides a very good Obamacare Summary for you to learn more about the law.

According to experts, the impact of the exchanges will lot be known for years. But the success of the program depends on the mix of people that sign up. For this to be successful, a sizable number of uninsured people who are healthy need to sign up to help subsidize the program for those who are very ill. If only the very sick sign up, then the program will collapse since cost will run up quickly. (Click here for Obamacare pros and cons). The initial phase is not expected to attract a lot of people as some take a wait and see attitude. But as the government spend more time educating people about the sign up process, this should change. Also, once we get to November and December and people realize that coverage begins on January 1, 2014, then you are likely to see a rush in sign ups at that point. So, October 1, 2013 is an important date and it remains to be seen what will happen. One thing is for sure though – there will be computer glitches. Whether the law gets repealed with all the glitches will be the open question for the next few years to come.

Has Reloadable Prepaid Debt Card Turned the Corner?

September 13th, 2013

The prepaid debit card era has arrived. A few years ago, when people talked about prepaid debit cards, they often focused on the negative aspects of these cards – and there were many things not to like about them, especially the reloadable visa gift cards that were very prominent, especially the Vanilla Visa gift card. These cards were known to come with very high and multiple fees, including activation fees that were high as $15 and monthly service fees that consumed customer balances until they reached zero. Another issue with reloadable visa cards is that they came with fine prints that were not clearly available to card buyers. They were often referred to websites for full card disclosures – but most people never visited these websites, and ended up paying a high price in form of unknown fees. This made a lot of people to stay away from these cards.

But recently, beginning with the passage of the CARD ACT, the prepaid gift card industry is more regulated. So, cards like companies like Walmart, who play a huge role in the industry have gotten better with disclosures about their prepaid money cards. When you visit, you can see all the Walmart gift card information you need to make an informed decision about whether a reloadable visa gift card is the right card for you or not. That is a major development, which shows that the industry is turning the corner. More needs to be done with fees but this is a step in the right direction.

What is Direct Express Debit Mastercard

September 13th, 2013

The use of prepaid debit cards has been on the rise in recent times and the federal government is no exception when it comes to paying federal benefits to eligible recipients. One of the areas where there has been a huge push with reloadable prepaid debit cards is regarding Social Security and Veterans Affairs benefit payments. This is being done through the Direct Express Debit MasterCard issued by Comerica bank on behalf of the United States Treasury Department.

The Direct Express Card  provides another option for payments of federal benefits where federal beneficiaries who do not have a bank account, but who are looking for a no-cost or low-cost alternative to using check cashing facilities and carrying large amounts of cash. Since March 31st 2013, the Treasury department switched from mailing Social Security and Veterans Affairs payment checks to electronic payments. That presented a dilemma for those who do not have a checking or savings account with a bank or credit union. The Direct Express card becomes the solution for these people.

Even though the direct express card is not as robust as a regular bank account, it comes with may benefits you will find with a traditional checking account debit card, including online account management, Cash back at grocery stores and pharmacies and an extensive in-network service with low fees. You can visit this website for Direct Express Login and perform other card specific functions, including getting the Direct Express Customer Service phone number and other means of getting help for your account.

Florida Food Stamp Eligibility

September 6th, 2013

It is no secret that as a result of the great recession and resulting jump in unemployment, a lot of people, especially seniors and low income families are now dependent on food stamps as a major source of food. For some of these people, there is no other option than relying on the government for food assistance. And the scary part about this surge in food stamp recipients is that for some of these families, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

The eligibility inquiries have surged dramatically because of the combination of a large senior population in the state, who have been hit hard by the recession. While the federal government sets standards, the Florida EBT Card requirements can vary slightly by state. Not only have they watched their home values plunge but they have also realized the property prices are not coming back to where they were anytime soon. In addition, they are watching as Washington has cut back on some of their benefits, or at least slowed the annual growth in those benefits. As a result, the food stamp program has seen a large number of seniors join their program and have remained there, causing the my florida access system to be overwhelmed. That is why the access website traffic is so high.

It is also ironic that while Florida is trying to deal with its surging food assistance population, Kansas is trying to remove people from their roster in record numbers. This explain the reinstatement of the work requirements for able bodied people who have no dependents. In Kansas, if you have the ability to work, and have no dependents, then you have to work at least 20 hours a week to qualify for food stamps. This has been the rule since the 1996 welfare reform legislation was passed. But the due to the great recession and record number of people need food assistance due to long term unemployment, the work rule was relaxed a bit. Kansas has returned to the old rule.

Focus T25 Review

July 20th, 2013

This is a compressed version of the Focus T25 Review. If you have been watching TV recently and are curious about the new Focus T25 infomercials featuring the creator of Insanity, then you have come to the right place. T25 is the latest workout program making waves in the fitness industry and has been eagerly awaited for a while now. That excitement is justified because If you look at the Focus T25 Schedule, you can see why everyone is excited. In short, the program is a 10 week rigorous fitness regime that requires you to workout 5 days a week, for 25 minutes each day. The idea is that such intense, short, cross training workout gets you the best results.

"Focus T25 Workout"

Based on the results we have seen, we are confident that the T25 program is going to be as successful as the Insanity program, if not better. This is because cross training exercises generally work, because they shock the muscles everyday by focusing on a different muscle everyday, which is more effective, thereby denying the muscle the ability to get used to the regimen and create muscle memory. We plan to do a follow up review in a few months once we see more results from the Focus T25 program and the kind of results users are getting.

Gift Card Balance Issues

July 18th, 2013

If you have a gift card from a merchant or a prepaid gift card, checking the balance should be very easy. For example with chipotle gift card balance, when you get to the website, it is not obvious where the gift card balance check link is. It takes some digging to locate the link to retrieve your balance. It should not be like that. But it is even harder with prepaid gift cards. This is because prepaid cards like the Visa gift card balance requires that you know which Visa card you are looking at and what the issuing bank is. Otherwise, you will be running around in circles.

"visa gift card balance"

Visa Gift Card Balance

As a result, there are a lot of complaints from card users about their inability to locate the balance check information for their visa cards. This includes Vanilla Visa, which is perhaps the most notorious for frustrating customers. Just google “Vanilla Visa Complaints” and you will see that the #1 complaint against the card has to do with how to reach customer service and check the balance on the card. The most pressing issue is that customers cannot review their transactions quickly enough to be able to challenge suspicious transactions. We hope this is fixed soon.






Discount Starbucks Gift Cards Online

July 10th, 2013

Can you find Discount Starbucks Gift Cards? For people who LOVE Starbucks, it’s very easy to rack up a lot of charges each month on those lattes and expensive smoothies and drinks. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of websites that sell discounted gift cards. If you are lucky you can get Starbucks gift cards up to 18% off. For example, if you visit, they have the cards selling for 10% off. That’s a great discount if you add up all the savings.

"discount starbucks gift cards"


Saving money should be easy, and this is a great way to enjoy your favorite coffee shop and keep some change in your pocket.

Store Credit Card Reviews

July 10th, 2013

If you have ever walked into a department store or any big box retail store and came out without being solicited for a Store Credit Card, then you are very lucky. But before you sign up, get Financial Education. Store credit cards are one of the most lucrative ways that Department stores make extra income. They get you to sign up for the store card, offering you amazing incentive. Once you sign up, they hope to make money at the back end when you carry a balance on the card and pay the very high APR that is charged for carrying balances on these cards. Two of the best store credit cards are the Amazon Credit Card and the Walmart Credit Card.

"amazon credit card"

The Amazon Credit Card can be used on to make purchases on the website. It is a Visa Credit Card issued through Chase bank. One of the nice perks is that you get an instant $50 gift card when you sign up for the card and are approved. You also get three reward points for every dollar spent on However, to be approved, your credit report must be very clean. You cannot have any recent delinquencies, your report must be free of bankruptcy and there must be no charge offs. If this is true about your profile, then with a very good FICO score, you are likely to be approved.

The Walmart Credit Card is in two Parts. There is the Walmart Discover Card, which is issued by Discover and can be used at both Walmart Locations and anywhere discover cards are accepted.  The other card is called the Walmart Credit Card, which can only be used at Walmart Locations. When you apply, based on your credit profile, Walmart Decides which card to offer you. If you have above average credit and a great FICO score, free of any delinquencies, bankruptcy or charge offs, then your chance of being approved are high.

Saving Whenever You Can

June 21st, 2013

Many people as me about buying gift cards in bulk. In the old days it was quite a process. It involved going directly to a retailer, waiting in customer service line, and placing your order. Try asking the guy behind the counter to issue you $200,000 in gift cards all $5 denominations.  Try it, be sure to come back and let me know how it went. This was the only way to do this a couple years ago. Thankfully, someone has recognized this problem. Recently I found  they sell bulk gift cards. Be sure to check them out next time you are in the market for a big purchase. They make life so much easier!


Ghana Movie Industry Challenges vs Nigeria Movie Sector

May 31st, 2013

Ghana Movies

1. Small  Size of Market

Ghana has a population of 24 million people, a large majority of which is poor. Additionally, the middle class is very small. These two factors contribute to a small addressable market when it comes to moviegoers –  those with the means to go to a theatre, pay and watch a locally made movie. Unlike the nigeriamovies Industry, which benefits from a large population (which by default comes with a large addressable movie going population), the Ghanaian movie industry must cater to a much smaller audience.

2. Funding

There are very talented writers and directors with great projects they want to see happen but there is limited funding for ghanamovies due to the limited size of the moving going market. This means that the movies that get made are the ones that are likely to draw an audience for being over sensationalized rather than those that deeply attack specific issues that confront the society. Compared to Nigeria, the funding in Ghana is tiny.

"Ghana Movie Stars"

Ghana Movie Star Nadia Buari

3. Limited Number of Theaters

Another limiting factor is the limited number of movie theatres. This greatly impacts the distribution network of Ghanaian Movies and the number of people that are able to see the movies. In addition, the major movie theatres are in the big cities of Accra, Kumasi and Tema – leaving a large part of the country closed to initial release of movies. For example, there is no reason why Tamale, Cape Coast, Ho, Takoradi, Sunyani and Obuasi do not have modern movie theaters. On the other hand, Nigeria has more Theaters for distribution.

How to Switch to a Credit Union

May 17th, 2013

Credit Union

If you are sick and tired of bank fees, you should consider switching to a credit union. But before you make that big step, you need to do your homework so that you don’t end up at a bank that does not have the resources or service level to meet your needs. Here are three tips to consider before you switch:

1. Do your Research

It is better to find a large credit union in your area with an extensive network of branch offices and ATM networks. If you are in Georgia for example, Redstone Federal Credit Union is a great bank with one of the largest networks in the south. Make sure you visit 2 branch locations and are comfortable with the level of service you receive before jumping ship. If you are in the Golden State, the California Credit Union Directory

2. Compare Fees

Another tool that helps you narrow which banks to use if to compare their fees. Credit unions are supposed to have low fees but not all credit unions are created equal, so it is important for you to compare the fees against each other and also look at what you are currently paying to make sure you are going to save enough money to make switching worthwhile.

3. Debit and Checking Account Services


How supportive are they with checking account services, like online banking, bill pay, electronic check deposit, debit card transactions, and routing number access. For example the Redstone Federal Credit Union Routing Number is displayed right on the website for you to locate. So you don’t have to go digging to find it. It’s these small things that make the difference between saving time and pulling your hair out.

What is Eppicard?

April 22nd, 2013

Eppicard Review

Eppicard is a debt card (prepaid gift card) issued by 23 states to be used in paying for Child Support Benefits to those eligible. It is also used to pay for unemployment benefits in a handfull of states. The eppicard is actually a debit card and can be used like any other card at locations where the issuer cards are accepted. The biggest advantage of the eppicard is connivence  Thee funds are automatically loaded onto the card and becomes available to the recipient for us almost immediately. The Florida eppicard has the most members.


Just like other prepaid gift cards, the eppicard come with a host of fees and charges. The range from ATM fees, monthly maintenance fees, excessive use fees all the way to fees for calling customer service. To make sure that you don’t get charged these fees, be sure to check the disclosure documents that come with your eppicard. You can also contact eppicard using the number at the back of your card. Do not assume that everything about your card will be disclosed when you sign up for the card, so visit the card website and familiarize yourself with all the terms, conditions, fees and charges that come with it, so there are no surprises. If you are wondering about which prepaid cards are excessive, this article tells you which fees not to pay.

Introducing a New Money Making System via Gift Cards

April 19th, 2013

Sell Gift Cards

sell gift cards


Where do I begin?

Like most people, you are probably looking for a way to earn extra income.  Whether it’s an extra $500 a month you need or an extra $10,000, you can use the secondary gift card market place to do it.  This article will give you all the details you will need to sell gift cards for a profit.

We begin by acquiring gift cards to sell. The best place to do this? The sock drawer. Take a second to look around the house and find any old gift cards you may have lying around. The average American family has over $350 in gift cards laying around going to waste.  You may fall into the higher or lower end of this statistic, but chances are you do have gift cards in the house.

The next place to start is by asking your friends and family. If you find that your friends do have gift cards they are not using, make them a cash offer to buy the cards. Of course we cannot pay face value for the card and still make a profit. So, be sure to offer between 50-70% of the value depending on the popularity of the card.  For more information on how to do this, click here.